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        I am a second generation adult care home provider who is passionate about healthy living and caring for others. My mother has owned and operated a home for over 25 years, so I had the opportunity of growing up in a multi-generational home filled with a class of people who had bestowed upon me a great deal of wisdom and history.  When I was of employment age I not only helped my mother around the home but branched out and worked in other adult care homes, Retirement, Assisted Living Facilities, DHS (department of human services providing in home care), and caregiving for the mentally disabled.  In addition, I have completed studies in Human services with an emphasis on Gerontology, Sociology, Psychology, and Nutrition to help deepen my understanding of the human condition when providing care.  After my studies and working in care facilities, I chose to extend my care taking abilities into another realm. I embarked on a hairstylist career that allowed me to work creatively with a wide range of clientele while fulfilling haircare needs.  My inspiration in becoming a hairstylist stemmed from working in assisted living facilities where one of my duties among many was to groom the residents before dining and other special outings. I found it very gratifying to witness a shift in the mood and motivation of the residents when I was able to style their hair and present to them an enhanced version of themselves.  I currently hold a full cosmetologist license with the state of Oregon. I have many titles but the ones I am most passionate about and find the most rewarding are being a caregiver, mother, and wife.  I am grateful for my two school-aged boys and supportive husband  who accompany me in my journey.  

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